This Is Why This Year Will Be The Year Of Payment Gateway.

you know you go out there to prospect you go out there payment gateway to make new contacts and to make sales right so of course you’re going to have to have some expenses because of that the gas that you use to travel from a point point A to point B um the food that you’re going to eat paper for your applications ink for your printer stuff like that so um one of the most common things that I’ve been hearing lately is that you know agents are going out there they’re there prospecting they’re getting great contacts there after a couple follow-ups they’re following up correctly they’re putting all their leads in CRM they’re tracking each and every single one of those uh merchants but at the time of going back and onion after the analysis is already done.

Once they go back to present they have a hard time closing so I’m going to go through the basic of what I understand as being sales in the merchant services industry selling credit card processing now this is actually a little bit different than anything else if you’re watching this and you’re not selling credit card processing but you would be interested in this great opportunity don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email my email is Jay rui-zi at CC sales procom okay so let’s move forward overcoming the fear of rejection or objections okay first of all success is acquired by failure don’t be afraid to fail it

you know you’re going to talk to a lot of people and when you go out there prospecting one of the main things that I’ve encountered in my career is that merchants are very uneasy when you do when they talk to the salesperson so you’re probably going to get rejected okay um don’t be a fit and don’t be afraid to be rejected it just just happens that’s what happens in any sales job you will be rejected um if they’re not interested you’ve got to find out why is it that they’re not interested don’t be afraid to speak up you know is there a particular reason why you’re not interested depending on what you’re selling it doesn’t matter what you do you have to figure out what they’re saying note and we compromise if I bring you some of my clients information or a referral letter would you consider me you know ask these questions to make them feel at ease because that’s one of the main things number one you know one of the things